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hand painted largemouth bass

hand painted largemouth bass

I've been itching to try hand painting lures for a really long time now and i finally got around in ordering some paint brushes that are meant for model painting. i have to say im even little surpriced my self in how cool it actually looks when you highligh certain areas on carved baits, it really makes the lure to come to alive even more. im defineatly going to a whole lot more hand painting from now on even though it takes pretty long to do. hehe at least it did for me on this first test subject.

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    Are you sure that is hand painted because WOW.

    Braided Line
    Feb 20 2015 09:04 AM

    Actually, the front section(head area) sells this one.   For me anyway.

    The scale pattern detail sells it for me.  It looks great!

    mark poulson
    Feb 20 2015 09:59 AM

    You are amazing!!!

    Feb 20 2015 10:28 AM



    X2 on Amazing

    I take my hat off! Awesome looking bait.

    thank you guys ;)

    Mikko, everything they have said. Incredible!!



    Great job Mikko, nailed it!



    Amazing work.  I'd be afraid to cast it.