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4 inch black Rat 1

4 inch black Rat 1

Another 4" rat wake bait, in black with silver sharpie hair accents. The eyes are 1/4", and 3D, made by drilling shallow 1/4" holes, painting the inside of the hole red, and then dripping Solarez into the hole a drop at a time, until it actually has a drop shaped crown, for the 3D effect.
I learned to keep my garage doors shut when I use the Solarez, so the reflected UV from the outside sunlight doesn't mess up my Solarez.

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    Looks good Mark. You've definitely got the eyes down pat. :yay:



    mark poulson
    Feb 20 2015 01:43 PM

    Thanks Ben.  

    I did the same thing on my hard frogs, but didn't try and put such a high crown on them.  

    Solarez has such high surface tension it will hold a half round shape.

    Fun to do, and really easy.

    Mark, I am really liking your rats, they kind of grow on you. 


    Looks great, Mark!!

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    BTW... let me know if you need anyone to test them on the New England Largemouth bass :D

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    I'm not really in the mood for rat for dinner tonight, but you got me drooling mark!
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