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Nothing like a mini bait  with a multi tone paint job. Nicely done by the way.

  A shorter bill (for me) would have been nice,


  Gold /black eye is ok but you and I know

    both know.....Red eyes keep the bass 

    coming back for more!    LOL 

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  I always give you props for your work. Plus, I add what I think is a little humor.


 It now seems as if Jonister  has taken my comments to task.  His comments about me

 are a cheap shot and not called for!!


   It seems like when you say more than, great paint scene," your some sort of critic

  or something."  Honest evaluation is just that. 


 If you have a problem with my comments...

  please let me know!! 

  From all the past comments I`ve made about your work,  I`d say you don`t have any.


   Any forum has folks who want to stir the pot . Cause friction.  


 Calling me out ........not good.   

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  I did not mean for my comment to be take hostilely, I thought yours seemed kind of hostile but i see now you did not mean it like that. i would never want to stir the pot. All apologies! Again to Joe, great paint job and i love the blue top, what color is that? 

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White base coat

Pearl white

Black upper half under scale pattern

Pearl Silver Scales fading towards the belly

Transparent Bright blue upper scale area and back

Orange  throat and tail

Clear Base mixed with Blue Shimmer Powder Pearl from "Painting With Pearl" over whole bait.

Add shad spots

2 coats of Etex

Add hardware and then water daily  :)

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