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BP Creature

BP Creature

Poured up a few colors. Can't wait to feed them to the critters.


    Braided Line
    Feb 23 2015 08:48 AM

    Plenty of bulk.  For flipping, those puppies would get-er -done. 


     I`d do the middle one as my choice .


       Drop that puppy into the grass .Give it a little wiggle.   Set the hook and enjoy!

    Made them bulky to also fish them for saltwater critters. Can't wait to give them a go. Working on a multi cavity mold now. This will help me pour them a bit quicker. Have a great day Braided Line.  BP

    Feb 28 2015 11:29 AM

    Those Are Sweet , Hang On To Your Rod.



    I bet some reds would eat them up. Nice baits!