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IMG 20150224 182413

IMG 20150224 182413

Twin blue Super Bug Poppers

    Blue? I see gold and white!


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    That's hilarious Kay Jay !!! On the dress I seen white noise gold,but I see blue on these lures. Lol

    Me too biglures. I just couldn't resist. They really look good. what did you use to get that back pattern.

    and in six months people reading these comments will wonder what in the world we are talking about.

    I used an artist sponge,just get one rip it until you get the pattern you want. No kidding they will think we are crazy, and they would be right on my part. Lol

    These look great.  Have you tried them yet?

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    Yes I tried them out yesterday and the worked like I wanted them to. Even a little better than I thought, I normally dont put that much of an angle on the mouth. But they spit water great with just a little twitch. Thanks!!