Hand Foiled Bluegill's , There Are (12) Colors In These Baits , Sorry I Can't Get All The Colors To Show. These Came Out Super Nice.

1.5 DD - Med Diver 8-10 Ft.

Clear Coat - D2T

Mike P.


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Right out of the gate that puppy gets your attention.      


 The eye area, especially the one on the right,  makes that thing come to life.



  I`m a red-eye lover as well but not in this case. For  me the eye shown presents the lure better.  JMO.



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I will agree with Braided Line about the eye.  The bait itself has enough attention grabbing details that a red eye as an accent doesn't do much for it.


Either way, great looking baits!  I'm still trying to piece together a bluegill paint pattern that I like. 

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