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Just finished up painting this bad boy. What do you think? Does the red eye look good or should I go with a black eye?

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    Braided Line
    Mar 13 2015 08:19 AM

    The "Red" eye . Good choice. 


    On the paint job. To be honest with you ......

       The lite blue and gold just don`t seem to

       accommodate each other.


       Not trying to be nasty, just giving you my opinion.  

    No I completely understand. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Do you have any suggestions on what other color to change to instead of the gold or the light blue?
    Braided Line
    Mar 13 2015 08:55 AM

    I`m a color guy.  Maybe a lively green body. Gill plate area accented to make the red eye

        stand out some. ' 

     A splash of orange on the throat area.

     Then a mild rib design on the body in black.


      Cover all in a gloss.  


       Lots of times it`s just the marring of tones/colors that make or break the platform.  


      Appreciate your letting me infringe on your work.  


       As the painter you have artistic license to

          throw my suggestions out the window.  LOL!

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    Lol. Constructive criticism can only make me better as a painter.
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    Mar 13 2015 08:19 PM
    Braid, are you making people feel bad again? HAHA!! Red eyes are always a good thing ;)
    He's not making me feel bad at all. I'll just have to send him a picture every time I catch a fish on it ;) haha
    Braided Line
    Mar 14 2015 07:50 AM



     Ref  your coments.


       No pic`s of Dinks.  Only bass over 10 lbs.


      Remember,I live in Florida.

    Ok I live in ohio so how bout we meet in the middle. Or 4+ pound smallmouths.
    Mar 14 2015 09:49 AM
    Right now I'd just love to go catch some dinks. Winter has been terrible here and I'm about to lose my mind! !
    Same here joe!