Just finished up painting this bad boy. What do you think? Does the red eye look good or should I go with a black eye?

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The "Red" eye . Good choice. 


On the paint job. To be honest with you ......

   The lite blue and gold just don`t seem to

   accommodate each other.


   Not trying to be nasty, just giving you my opinion.  

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No I completely understand. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Do you have any suggestions on what other color to change to instead of the gold or the light blue?

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I`m a color guy.  Maybe a lively green body. Gill plate area accented to make the red eye

    stand out some. ' 

 A splash of orange on the throat area.

 Then a mild rib design on the body in black.


  Cover all in a gloss.  


   Lots of times it`s just the marring of tones/colors that make or break the platform.  


  Appreciate your letting me infringe on your work.  


   As the painter you have artistic license to

      throw my suggestions out the window.  LOL!

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I think it's beautiful to start off with! Love the gold,blue with red eye. It's a stunner!

Yes, it might not exactly be a bait Fish color,but I have caught fish on weirder paint schemes than this. Good job. Always think out of the box. That's why there are so many different colors to choose from.

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