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jeff's warts

Four wiggle wart knockoffs from Predator baits that I painted for a friend. Two are red/orange, with black shading, two are med brown/orange, with lavender shading. All Createx colors. Black sharpie eyes. Heat dried really well.

Dipped twice in AC 1315. No wrinkling.


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Those are some nice looking craws! I like the color of the top two. I hope to try painting my first craw pattern this weekend.

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I found that, if I thin my lavender and black shading colors with Auto Aire 4011 reducer, about 2/1, I can get a more subtle blending.

Buying an aftermarket MAC valve from Iwata has made shooting thinned paints with low pressure so much easier.

Thanks to Michael Orensteen for that

I'm no artist, but I did sleep in a Motel 6 last night!

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Mark, those look great. I am leaning more and more toward ordering some of this stuff. That gloss looks as good as the D2T to me. 

Thanks for sharing  John

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They were shiny after one dip.  I dipped twice because I painted the bills, too, and because they were for someone else.  For my own use, once is fine.



Thanks.  At this rate I'll be a real painter by the time I grow up!



It is as shiny as D2T.


Thanks Ben,

That pattern has worked really well for me in our clear lakes, and also in off colored water.

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