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ABT Glide Bait I foiled and painted. This bait has a deep scale pattern in the mold. I applied imitation silver leaf to this bait to compare to the kitchen foil type of my other bait. Attached the leaf to the bait with D2T pressing down with breath and cotton ball. Scrubbed it off with DA a couple times before I got an acceptable job this being one of my first attempts at this procedure. Wanting the silver sides of the natural trout effect I was careful not to get too much transparent white on the sides. Seams much easier to hide due the leaf being very thin base coated edges opaque white to hide color transition. Body paints transparent Createx colors then opaque black for spots and pearlized white for belly.

Liked the looks of this one better than the one I foiled with kitchen type foil. Came out with a crushed silver look made for a nice looking silver sided trout. The other bait looked more like I had applied chromed type paints



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Very nice!


If you don't mind telling a secret, what colors did you for the green?  I have been trying to get a trout color for a while and haven't gotten one I am happy with yet.

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My 2 cents... Dont lay that anywhere near a fillet board, could be mistaken for shore lunch..... Realism is off the charts!!!!

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Thanks.  Doc' I use a paint mix I call moss green. I mix it up with Createx transparent paints.  The base is yellow then add blue, red and orange sparingly.  Do trials in a cup.  Start with 12 drops yellow then one drop or two drops of the blue I cant remember but that will give you a real good green, then prob one drop red sort of mosses up the green, add orange to keep browning up the moss til you get what you want. (prob two drops of the orange.)

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