7 Inch, 2 oz. Jerk Bait

My first attempt at carving and painting, still need to do an exterior seal. Made them for my next trip to Cabo.


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That Cabo trip sounds fun.  Better get a good protective coat on there like Solarez or D2T and get to on, under, and around those eyes if you want to keep 'em on there.  The rough gill plate/mouth highlights detract from visual appeal to us but won't hurt the fishing.  If you want them to look better it is easy with some stencils.  Nothing fancy or expensive, just cut out the gill or mouth shape you want in blue painters/masking tape with scissors or an exacto knife traced around any shape you find the right size like a washer or jar lid or socket for the right size circle.  Heat set your main lure paint so the tape don't lift it when you peel it off and stick the tape to cardboard a few times before putting it on the lure to reduce the sticking power.  But if you don't want to do that, just fish on!


Hoping for a fishing report from CABO!


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Thank you for your suggestions...

I actually hesitated posting this one because of the placement of the gills and eyes, I may sand it down and do a re-paint and test my skills with stencils.

I do like the way the shape came out on this one, its a ripped piece of maple that I put on the lathe.

I will definitely give a report from Cabo, hopefully with the posted lures hooked up on some fish caught from the shore.

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