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Little Peteys

Little Peteys

These flat sided crankbaits are made from paulownia. Solarez undercoat, acrylic paint, Dick Nite MCU topcoat, G-10 lips, 1/3 oz, 2 1/4". Several custom makers build this style bait under the name of Little Petey, Little PT Shad, Dinky-Donker, etc.

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    They look good Bob. Up to your usual level of excellence with the middle one being my favorite. That color works for me around here.



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    Thanks Ben.  The middle one is a version of Tennessee Shad.  I catch a lot of bass on the foiled pattern at bottom.

    Nice looking baits. What kind of foil did you use on the bottom one and what is your scaling technique for it?

    Very nice BobP.  Nice clean crisp and well finished.

    Those look great Bob, nice clean build and "Fishy" patterns.



    Apr 04 2015 08:25 AM

    Hey Bob


    Super Nice Job , 



    Thanks guys!


    Zev, I used Venture Brite-Bak adhesive foil, which is thin but strong and has a very good adhesive backing.  It's designed for stained glass artists and the thinness makes it easy to burnish down the edges to disappear.  I understand they have stopped manufacturing it, unfortunately, but I still have part of one roll left!  I textured the foil after applying it, with the little knurled knob from a pair of vise-grips.  You can use any knurled wheel for texturing.  Some guys like the knurled shaft of an X-acto knife, for instance.

    Thanks Bob. I'll have to look around for something similar. I thought of maybe trying the metal ducting tape but I guess it's pretty thick so the seems would be harder to hide.

    Hey Bob, I have been going through terrible withdrawal from being off of the internet for a few days with modem troubles, just installed a new one and am back online.  Those are nice. I too like the Tn Shad, that would be my pick. Really all of them are beautiful.



    Wow those are beautiful crankbaits!! Very very nice