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Put this one up in the hardbody discussion forum but before I got this pick of the finished lure it was locked so I just put him here....hope u like cheers Shane. ..

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    mark poulson
    Apr 08 2015 08:21 AM

    You are an artist!

    What material is it carved from?

    Awesome work, Shane!


    Top notch, as always :)

    Very nice bait.  I don't want to make that bait but I do want to incorporate some of the techniques you used to build it.  I'm thinking you did most of your carving with a dremel after your initial main bait form.  Your progression photos with a little narrative should be in the "how to" section.  Nice work.

    Thanks Mark Curt & Barry....it's carved out of silky oak Mark....it's 190mm & 92.96 grams less hardware. ...cheers Shane.....