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bluegill spybait 1

3 1/2" PVC trimboard spybait, 1 1/4" tall, 9/16" thick, 24.9 grams (including approx. 4 grams ballast).

All Createx and Wildlife colors, two dips in AC1315 for top coat. .072 X 7/8" sst screw eyes for both props, and for the belly hanger. All the hardware is from Barlow's.

I made it with the ballast in front of and behind the belly hook hanger, so it falls nose first at an ROF of one foot per second, but swims level on the retrieve. The props give it enough resistance to keep it up at a med. retrieve.

The other spybaits I've made, and the store bought Duo 80 G-fix, all fall level, but swim nose up, because of how they have to be ballasted to fall level, and have the quiver on the fall.

This bait doesn't quiver, but it does swim level. I'm hoping the props give it enough water displacement to add some quiver on the retrieve, or at least make it look alive.

Fingers crossed!


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