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20150412 232010

20150412 232010

8" Sandeel Walk the Dog Surface Lure, Handcarved poplar, Foiled Sides...

    Very nice work all around. I don't see a center hook attachment , are you going to run without?



    I caught an eel once. Most disgusting thing I've ever hooked into.

    That would also be cool jointed in about 5-6 sections. good job.

    Looks flawless!... Looks like i need an airbrush!

    Thanks Guys! Yes, no center hook. Just a big dressed siwash on the back. Better hooking capability and better for catch and release. They call them eels but they are not like the slimy, squirmy american eel. More like a slender baitfish. 

    Very nice clean job.  Looks precise.  Good work.