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School of hand carved Golden Shiners

School of hand carved Golden Shiners

I made some improvements after testing the original version. Although each one is hand carved the joints are routered which makes for a more cleaner and stronger joint. The original swam great so all the improvements were for a more durable bait. I think this bait will hold up to any bass and all the pike and muskies we have here. These are all hand carved from PVC.

    these look great.......

    O'l Robzilla
    Apr 14 2015 04:38 PM


    Big Bass Man
    Apr 14 2015 08:48 PM

    Very Nice Work!!

    Great bait.....these will have no problems gettin' bit...nice color scheme, clean paint....admirable work!!!

    Very nice.



    Dang, those looks just super. You did a wonderful job there. Admirable work indeed! 

    Thanks guys.  They are alot of work but well worth it in the end.