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IMG 0125

IMG 0125

    Yes these look OK. Obviously some photo glued on the sides, thats fine, but no other info at all? What is the size, composition or function? It's nice to here what you put into it, and what you expect out of it.  Douglas

    Sorry, I made these to simulate a bait that my friend had purchased, but had not yet received.  Novak lures is the original.  These are somewhat larger than his at about 6".  They are made from basswood, and are a walk the dog jerkbait/swimbait.  They were done more as a challenge to see if I could simulate what was done by Novak without having seen the lures in person.  I may make a mold of a blank, and pour some with resin as well.  Also was my first attempt at using a photo on a lure.

    if you dont mind me to offer a lil help......your photo needs to wrap over the top and bottom....not touch....leave a space of 1/8" to a 1/4" depending on the size of the lure......then fade in (Airbrush) the top , front and sides with your color or colors of choice...........makes a lot better looking bait....JMO....and to those who have never tried making photo finish baits......its no picnic....it looks like your off to a good start.....

    Thanks gixxerk.