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The "Dragon-Ski"

The "Dragon-Ski"

Body designed like a water ski.. Rounded up at the nose, flat and wide in the front, tapered down to a skinny tail.. Keeps wing edge out of the water, will not dive... Symmetrical, no top or bottom, fish it how it lands... Prop on the tail, burn it across the surface, like a buzz bait with wings

Painting is not my strong point... So... Its brown

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    That's pretty sweet!
    Thanks man!... Started out as a popper, but i noticed it could be something more.... Ive never seen one before, so maybe the fish havnt either!

    Nice modifications. I like how you changed to a reversible.

    Do the wings ever dip and cause it to wander?

    As long as its moving the front wings never touch the water, i even tried lowering my rod tip, that seems to make the back wings "spray" a little, but stays strait as an arrow as long as i dont stop reeling... It was calm the day i tested it, i dont think it would cast well on a windy day, or perform well in choppy water, but i dont see many flying insects out on those days anyway
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    Bob La Londe
    Aug 03 2015 09:18 PM

    If it had translucent blue wings....  Oh, man.  Katie bar the door.  

    Deja blu water bottle wings??