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Hand carved 3 piece multipurpose trout.

Hand carved 3 piece multipurpose trout.

These baits are 6 1/2" long and weigh 2.1 ounces. They are slow sinkers and they have the ability to put trebles on the bottom or single hooks on top. The hooks on top stay in their position through the cast and the retrieve and will not pull off until they are forced off. I designed this bait so I could fish grass and wood without snagging.

    I forgot to say that these are PVC baits.

    This bait will also sit on the bottom upright without tipping over.

    Nice one. Like this innovating baits. The look is also good. Greets from germany.

    I like the break away hook set up on the top one. Well designed.

    Thanks guys.  This bait was a bit challenging.