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Great work as usual. One question though....how do you get the shimmer on the gill plate? I've tried a few different things and I can never seem to get the "realism" I'm looking for on the cheeks. Just curious.

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thank you again everyone. Joe the plumber, I use pearl powders and pearl paints, using different colors. I've started mixing them a little to achieve different colors but mostly just mix them on the surface as I paint

I hope this helps, any other questions let me know.

Braided line, this is a swimbait from Mattlures, awesome bait. I put a lot of time into painting that thing. I hope this is what you're looking for

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I think your time and effort shows! this is my new favorite swimbait paint job i have seen to date! it is so realistic! I especially like the gill plate. great job!

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That clears that up.


  You said," I put a lot of time in painting that thing."


 And it shows!  That puppy looks...alive!! 

   Good work always comes to the fore front! 


   Fist bump!!

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