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my first hand carved bait. made from cedar.

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Nice job!! Like the color scheme....great result for your first carved bait...we should all be so fortunate...Keep at it, you'll amaze yourself over time with your skill performance...be careful it's seriously ADDICTING !!!

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o yea I can already tell lol. im wanting to stick hooks on and go test it right now lol. I been painting cranks for a while but had never made my own blank. with the help of everyone on here and  few videos it came out pretty good I think. only thing is the bill is not perfect. I didn't use a template or anything just drew it out on lexan and cut it out with a band saw, then shaped it up some on the belt sander, next one im going to make some micarta in a green pumpkin and use it for a bill.

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Easy to tell you arent new to painting!... Hard to tell that you are new to carving!

Hope the lip works out for you!... Looks like alot of elbow grease in that bait!... For my 1st crank, i made 2 incase i screwed one up, managed to screw both of em up!... This time im making 4!... Hopefully at least one will make it to the gallery!

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