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A Big Striper

A Big Striper

Caught this one below Fort Loudon Dam yesterday on a Big Rattle Trap that I foiled this past December. I actually caught two stripers on it first one was about six pounds, maybe a little more. My friend and I guessed this one to be at least 40 lbs. This is the first time I have used the lure. After catching this one , I couldn't get back on my spot for all the other boats that came in. After taking its picture, I released it to be caught again on another day.

A link to a pic of the lure.


    Beautiful fish! Congrats on getting it on a homemade lure! Nice to see the big ones let go. Again, great catch! 

    Congrats John. I bet that one stretched your string. :yay:



    Thanks guys, it was fun. 

    thats a nice one......i bet he was a load of fun to get in the boat......and its sure rewarding to catch a fish on something you have made......

    Braided Line
    May 22 2015 11:25 AM

    Great catch....   Better yet you put it back.