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mad cow

mad cow

    Braided Line
    May 23 2015 06:27 AM

    Nothing like a change of pace. After looking at a lot of same-o ..same..o`s.  this is refreshing.


     Like everything  except the eye.   Kind of short changes the over all look of the bait. JMO.

    Thanks its the boss eyes from tackle warehouse

    i agree with Braided Line...its a refreshing change in pattern....but the eyes takes away from the lure....JMO....but its  a good paint scheme

    What eyes would you all have recommend?
    Braided Line
    May 25 2015 02:56 PM

    Ask 10 different people and you`d get 10 different answers.


    A color that doesn`t take away from the scheme or over power the "look."


    How bout a ruby red ? 


     The red surrounding the eye kind of short hops a lot of other colors.   IMO.


    Props  for asking for and being open to suggestions. 

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