boys first lure

He's 9yrs old now... Flash back a few years before he discovered video games and you would see dad's die hard fishin buddy! Back then i couldnt even say the "f word" unless we were going, cause when he heard that word he'd be waiting at the door fishing pole in hand!

But nowadays, the pole sits collecting dust in favor of an Xbox controller....... Brakes my heart!........ So i came up with a plan, i challenged him to design a Bluegill lure..... He drew his little drawing and i helped him bring it to life

He carved the master with my Dremel all by himself, cut out little foam leggs and all... I helped him mold it, then he chose color/glitter, then of course i handled the molten plastic part

We all know how bluegill are, so i have a feeling he may catch "a few".. Then with any luck, maybe the spark will ignite again

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Thanks Brandon!... I think it worked!... Kids were out of school today, figured he was on the Xbox all day... But when i got home from work he showed me a lizzard he had sculpted out of clay all by himself and asked me to show him how to mix plaster...... His mold is drying as a type

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