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  Looking at the pic, I`m saying.........I Iike the bait.  Nice colors. Glass eye ?  Can`t really tell one way or another.  Just a question.


 The hook selection as well as the pom-pon

   are part of your creation as you see it.


 As a guy just looking at it , I`m thinking that thing has got to go.  

 If it were ,say rubber/plastic  rather than what ever that is , I might have a different take on it.

  A single hook...  I want the odds in my favor when fishing.   Can`t put them back....till you catch-um.


 Just my take on your bait. Nothing negative intended.

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Looks like maribu... When it gets wet it turns into a thin lively tail!... Just be careful putting it up wet, sometimes those colors bleed and get on everything!

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Braided Line , this is a request lure. I like the way it looks as a whole.  Hook restrictions are the reason for the circle hooks I sent  a treble hook kit with the lure cause it was driving me nuts too. A strange build indeed but I always learn something every time.

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