1 3 4 Oz Dive Bomb

3/4 oz swim bait head stainless bottom arm and Titanium side arms. Have not fished it yet.


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Thanks Vic, I have been using this wire on my spinner baits and am having good success with it. I like the way it flexes and vibrates I feel like it adds that little something extra that other lures are lacking  Also, it always returns back to its original position when it is banged against something on the retrieve. It is a very fine wire .016 if I remember correctly.

I made a 1/4 oz version of this lure with only two side arms they were made of .026 spring tempered stainless wire and several times, I had to bend these back into position. One reason, I didn't use the titanium wire on this one is that I have not drilled the holes in the mold yet for the wire to pass through. I threw the 1/4 oz version for a couple of hours it got smacked several times but I never could stick one. I do like its look and action maybe it needs a trailer hook.

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