The ILC 1... (in line crank)

PVC... Line through design (no hardware)... Yellow n black spray paint... DT2 top coat

This is my 1st finished/working crank bait... But ill be making all my cranks this way for these reasons:

1) you can snag it, but you cant lose it (unless you're fishing from shore)... No more cringing when one of my kids reach in my tackle box and pull out my favorite crank bait!

2) the single hook may appear as a limitation, but if you think about how a bass reacts to a hook in its mouth, youll see how this one would be hard to throw

3) not only does it swim, but judging by a comparison i did with my 1st prototypes, it appears to swim BETTER than a traditional line tie design... Ill work on getting a video up so you can be the judge

Reasons 4 and 5 you will see in future designs


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This is an interesting concept, I'd only seen it before on flyrod lures.


Might also make hook removal easier?



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Looks great Jeremy! Good Job!! Swims well too!! I wondered if you have experimented with location of your hook. For example, a hole near the low point of the belly of the bait. It might be more stable at faster retrieves. Maybe not, just a thought that came to me as I watched the video. Thank you for sharing your new bait . i like it so much; I may have to make one of my own. 



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Vic... As i call it "the pass through angle" will definitely play a roll in future prototypes!!!... I tried incorporating this into my 1st protos, but body shape and ballast placement would not allow

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I am impressed. This thing swims very well. Is unique and Looks pretty good too. Looking forward to seeing more.


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Thanks John!!!

I thought about leaving this part out cause it feels like bragging... But, this was done with no more than a jig saw and a dremel.. Im impressed with myself since i was able to make 2 identical baits with this meathod

For all the new guys who dont have all the tools yet... You can too!

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