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"Slounch Slayer Square" by Taylor Custom Baits

This is the first prototype "Slounch Slayer Square" bill crankbait. 1/2 oz. Will be doing a little testing this weekend. When I'm done with this bad boy it will be virtually weedless and will deflect off anything.


© 2015


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A weedless crank bait is a hefty claim!

This one is verry handsome! Nice carving detail, precision hardware placement!... Props!

Look forward to seeing a video of it in action!!

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Thank you JR but yes it's your imagination. The bait when paused doesn't rise straight up, it backs up on the rise. All of my crankbaits backup when paused. In my opinion it's a must trait for a crankbait.

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Yes, backing away from snags is important...... I only asked because i thought it was impossible for a crank bait to rise strait up

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