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Many thanks guys!! Your feedback is great!

Mike, excuse my ignorance, only been doing this 4 weeks, so you mean it's going to look solid after epoxy?

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There's a glitch in the system G. We came up with a glossary of commonly used terms a while back so new members could become accustomed to all the abbreviations and "shop talk" used to describe certain products, materials, processes, etc. Whenever someone typed a phrase such as D2T, or any number of phrases, the term was supposed to be highlighted in blue meaning you could click on the word, or phrase, and it would carry you to the glossary where a definition was given. For some reason these phrases don't get highlighted in blue anymore and when anyone types the word p-o-p (without the dashes) the system gives the meaning of the word as Plaster of Paris.


What Mike was saying is that once your bait is clear coated the colors are going to really jump out (p-o-p) at you.


I agree. :yay:



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