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Bass vs ILC baby bass

Bass vs ILC baby bass

First fish caught on my new design: the inline crank (un-losable, un-spitable crank bait)

And this is funny, but dont laugh.... 1st bass ive ever caught on a diving crank bait

Ive caught plenty on rat-l-traps and floating jerk baits... Poppers spinners ect.... But other than that, what can i say?? Always been a soft plastics guy

Now my secret is out... Crank baits are so fun to make, im gonna have to learn to use em!

    Nice! Lure looks great! I just caught my first bass on a crankbait (KO I painted) a few weeks ago. Lost that lure in a underwater tree yesterday.
    I snagged this one on purpose just to test it out... By the time i got the boat over to the end of the line, my bait had floated up the line right back to me... Broke off the hook, but still have the bait!

    I like having the confidence to throw this thing wherever i want with no fear of ever losing it!
    Its just tricky to take pictures with, cause it wants to slide down the line into the boat
    Bob La Londe
    Jul 14 2015 02:39 PM

    Funny.  I often take pictures and am careful to make sure the bait is hidden by my hand.  LOL.  

    Bob, in this case im more proud of the bait than i am of the fish!