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Bass vs ILC baby bass

First fish caught on my new design: the inline crank (un-losable, un-spitable crank bait)

And this is funny, but dont laugh.... 1st bass ive ever caught on a diving crank bait

Ive caught plenty on rat-l-traps and floating jerk baits... Poppers spinners ect.... But other than that, what can i say?? Always been a soft plastics guy

Now my secret is out... Crank baits are so fun to make, im gonna have to learn to use em!


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Nice! Lure looks great! I just caught my first bass on a crankbait (KO I painted) a few weeks ago. Lost that lure in a underwater tree yesterday.

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I snagged this one on purpose just to test it out... By the time i got the boat over to the end of the line, my bait had floated up the line right back to me... Broke off the hook, but still have the bait!

I like having the confidence to throw this thing wherever i want with no fear of ever losing it!

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