Glow stick bobber

I dont know about the rest of the world, but down here in Texas its about that tima year when its just too miserable to do anything durring the day!

This is nothing new, ive been using these for about 10 years, but i thought id share anyway

Glow sticks from the birthday isle at walmart ($1 five pack), the bracelet kind with the little connector tube.......... Styrofoam balls from craft isle ($3 twelve pack).... And thats it

Run your line through the connector tube before tying on your hook.... Stab the glow stick through the foam ball... Push end of glow stick into connector tube, holds tight on your line...... 1/8 oz split shot underneath stands it up nicely

(Ive also made slip bobbers by cutting the bend off an old hook and attatching the eye to the end of the glow stick)

Obviously a one time use set up, but at 50 cents a piece its still better than a $5 light up bobber with $6 batteries (if 50 cents is too much to throw away, put it in the freezer when u get home and use it again tomorrow night)

If you dont fish bobbers... Attatch a thin piece of wire (i use christmas ornament hangers) to the glow stick using the connector tube.. Bend the wire into a wide hook.. Hang the glow stick on your line between the last 2 line guides.. Pull it down so your line sags....... Glow stick goes up = bite!

(Tip: make sure the glow stick WILL fling off your line in the event of a hook set)

One more tip to ensure a pleasureful night fishing experience... Bug spray!!!

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