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spy bait first try


After loosing a duo spy bait I decided to try making my own. Hope the pic is clear enough to see it doesn't look as clear on the preview as it does on my phone

    2 3/4" long 1/2" wide .4 oz createx and comart paint solarez undercoat bob smith topcoat falls with a flutter but not flat kind of a face tilted fall. I only put a front blade on and decided to try a dressed treble in the back but I think it creates a little more drag on the fall than I wanted but it's my first try and first bait in awhile guess we will see how it works

    I've held off on trying a spybait since I'm not that good at building "subtle". The fact that your willing to experiment speaks volumes about your mindset. A lot of experiments end up being little more than trash can ornaments and a lot of folks will look at that as wasted time and materials, but for those of us without degrees in engineering or hydrodynamics it's sometimes the only way we have of learning what works and what doesn't.


    Well done. Let us know how it performs once you get it to open water.