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attempting realism

attempting realism

Well i have not posted anything in here for a really long time i've been enjoying the finnish summer and going fishing which i have been doing alot. anyways i decided to paint some bass themed baits and attempt to make them as realistic as possible with combining hand painting and airbrushing, the results should speak for them selfs.

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    Great job Mikko, attention to detail is showing again!



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    amazing, just amazing

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    Always incredible Mikko. Keep them coming.!

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    That's awesome.  Beautiful work.  Wow factor!

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    thanks for all the nice comments guys, much appriciated

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    I've said it once....I'll say it again....OFF THE CHART!!!! Great work...thanks for all the tutorials you put out....greatly appreciated...your'e

    guidance has kicked my lure making expericene to a level I never imagined...thanks Mikko

    Jul 29 2015 07:45 AM



    "Attempting"  Thanks For Being So Humble. Other Than Doing Outstanding Work and Taking The Time In Helping So Many Of Us On TU.



    Braided Line
    Aug 16 2015 06:29 AM

    " make them realistic as  possible." 


      Fist bump.

    it look like you mold it from  real bass