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First dressed trebble

First dressed trebble

This was my 3rd try (i would like to have the first 2 stricken from the record)... Nothing fancy, just yellow n brown bucktail

I think im figuring it out, just takes practice.. But i do have one question for you jig and fly tyers...... Why do you do this to your self???😡😄😄

    Bucktail trebles are expensive, that's why!

    Looks good, Jeremy!
    Thanks brandon!

    They are expensive!... Now i know why!
    Actually i have one more question... What is that spring on my vice for???

    It didnt come with a book... Just a vice and a spring???
    It's a material holder, I believe. I pull them off.
    I took it off too... Then spent 10 minutes trying to figure out where it goes

    Guess it goes in the drawer