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Crappie cat

Crappie cat

First try at tying a crappie jig

Tube jig head dipped in holographic powder coat... Epoxy to hold the eyeballs on

Tail tied with... Well... Gray cat hair (see what you started Rayburn Guy)

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    If I'm gonna get blamed then I better get some crappie fillets. :P Just one question. Who you gonna blame when wifey starts noticing bald spots on the cat? :D

    We have 2 cats.. If i alternate, she will never know😉
    I'm crying I'm laughing so hard

    That is the most genious way to get hair! I have 3 cats so i have multiple subjects and many colors ;D 

     i once met a salty fellow at the coast who was fishing for salmon with a large fly that was made out of his hair, the worst part was he caught a couple fish on it. ughh i still cringe thinking about it. 

    The hair tied on well, and the cat was happy to get the attention... Only problem was tring to wrap while the cat rubs itself on everything
    Chuck Young
    Sep 20 2016 07:33 PM

    If it wasn't for my wife, my angora cat would be bald. I'm still trying to figure out how to tan her pelt when she goes (without my wife finding out - of course).