Sexy Shad Swim Jig

This is a swim jig I painted and tied recently. Thanks to Smalljaw for telling me where to find the skirt material and thanks to Cadman for pouring such great jig heads. Createx paints and BS 30 minute epoxy top coat. The skirt is tied with braided line and locked in with nail polish.

Thanks for looking.



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Your'e welcome and I have. I poured a couple of heads today, a 3/4 oz and an 1¼ oz version and used Cadmans tap a brush to paint them a sexy shad color.They are D2T coated and on the lure turner right now. Hope I  have time tomorrow after work to tie them. Then bend the blades and attach. Also, I think I will put a grip pin/bait holder of some type on them, I think I like the one that Arron Martin makes. Will post when done.


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