Triple Blade Vibrating Jig

Some time ago, I started making a

bladed bait out of this mold. With

the blade attached to its back, it

has excellent balance in the water.

I next modified it to be a swim bait

head with three blades two on the

sides and one on the belly.

Ben tied a hair jig in a sexy shad a

few days ago and for some reason it

got me to thinking about making a

buck tail chatter style jig with side

blades. Its been a long time since I

have tied a hair jig and the next one

should look a little better But here

is what I came up with.

The side arms are a titanium wire

which was inserted through the mold.

it has a v in the center of its

length to keep it from pulling out of

the head should it get tangled or

hooked on something.

The head is painted with powder paint

using Cadmans," Tap A Brush " method.

Using it as a swimbait head, it came

through the water with just a slight

tail up position. Almost level, I am

hoping it will do the same as a

vibrating bladed jig.

Hope you like it.



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