Triple Blade Vibrating Jig 2

This is how it balances itself in the water. I think with a fluke or swimbait, that it will run slightly in a tail up position. Hope to give it a few casts tomorrow afternoon.

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took it to Douglas Lake last night, fished it most of the night until 2:30 this morning. It runs perfectly horizontal with a fluke attached and has a great vibration. I had two problems with it, first I never caught a fish and second the blade arms are too short. On a few casts, the blades would catch a piece of hair and wind it up around the swivel and quit spinning. I think about another ½ inch in length on each side should stop that. The fish are down around 30 ft  and I may have been getting this thing down to about 20. It weighs in at ¾oz but climbs as it is retrieved. I have another one that is 1¼ guess I will have to get it tied and go back.


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Thanks for the report John. Sounds like you have more testing to do. If you still get too much lift with the 1 1/4 oz. you could try downsizing the blades or putting just one blade on the bottom. Both of which I'm sure you've already considered.


Good luck and let us know how things go.



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