round tail flaps

didn't like how some swimbaits I had poured swam. Specifically, next to a Keitech swimbait they just seemed lazy. So I decided to make a tail flap extender. I drilled some shallow holes (3/32" at the thinnest point) with a 7/8" paddle bit in a piece of PVC decking. I chose the big with the extended tips, thinking that would put a lip on the flaps.

I filled the center hole with bondo, sanded it smooth+-, hardened it with crazy glue, and then coated it with AC1315. After blowing out the excess sealer with an air hose, and letting it dry for an hour in the sun, I sprayed the mold with PAm.

I heated up some chartreuse plastic, pinched down my NorPro silicone cup to make a small spout, and poured them.

After the plastic cooled, I picked them out, blotted the PAM off with a paper towel, and glued the too small tails of my swimbaits to the discs, with brush-on crazy glue, with the raised edge facing forward to catch the water.

They seem well bonded. I'm taking them out for a swim tomorrow.

Fingers crossed

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