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20130926 095359


Bag 5 Baits

20130926 095359

Bass pattern

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    Sep 07 2015 06:37 PM

    Sweet paint job! I make my own lures and airbrush them so I was wondering what you are using for the paint? And also for the clear coat? Automotive finishes? I shoot lacquer on my lures but use an epoxy clear coat, so don't think that would work on the reels. I have been wanting to paint all of my baitcasters but have been scared to try. Any tips?

    Urethane usually some water based, I shoot my clears so no epoxies would be too thick. I disassemble and paint each component unless there's a pattern then I only loosely assemble as necessary to get the pattern then clear individually and reassemble after cured. You do this so it ensures a person can clean the reel later