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IMG 20150904 47203

crappie swimbait soft plastic

IMG 20150904 47203

This is a hand poured 7" Soft Plastic Crappie Swimbait. There are several steps that go into making this bait. The first step is to carve a master from PVC board. Then I make a Plaster of Paris mold of the master. The custom harass is then placed in the mold, and the plastisol is hand poured in a two part process. The swimbait is painted using hand brushes and an air brush to achieve the final finish. This finish was modeled after a northern Florida black crappie.

    Nice detail.. Should be in the "live bait" category (ha ha!)

    Great work!
    Sep 06 2015 05:11 PM
    Thank you!

       Looks nice, nice paint job.