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1/2oz Electric Gill Spinnerbait

1/2oz Electric Gill Spinnerbait

This is a 1/2oz spinnerbait, the head was poured on .035 super stainless wire in a Do-it ultra minnow spinnerbait mold. It is a double willow blade configuration that uses a #5 polished brass fluted willow on the swivel and a #4 polished brass fluted willow on the clevis. The head is painted in my "Electric Gill" pattern using powder paint that was sprayed on via a Badger model 260 hobby sandblaster. The colors used were candy yellow for the body, candy red for the throat, candy blue for the head/eye area and candy purple for the back. The stripes were done with a black Component Systems Quick Coat Lure marker and then dabbed to make them translucent. The skirt is made of 44 strands of silicone material and is tied to the head with 26 gauge black dyed copper wire. The skirt is made up of 20 strands of chartreuse, 10 strands of blue barbed wire, 4 strands of red barbed wire, and 10 strands of June bug glitter scale to finish it off. The bait uses a 5/0 VMC 7250 black nickel hook and the blades, swivel, and clevis are made by Worth.

    Nice job smalljaw. Stellar paint job. After applying all paint and the marker, have you ever put clear powder paint over it and baked it?

    I did bake it after I put the stripes on, one of the cool things with Quick Coat lure markers is they are  actual paint and not ink. I didn't put clear powder but instead used Devcon 2-Ton Epoxy as a top coat.

    A recent experiment. I put on chrome powder paint and baked. Next I put on a translucent lime PP and colored the back with a black sharpie. Lastly I dipped the jig in a clear PP and baked @ 225F. End product is a quick durable PP finish that looks great. I was suprised how much the black sharpie adds to the look and that it did not burn. I want to try red sharpie and some fingernail polish next.