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Bogs Topwater Rats

topwater bass lure pike lure floating

Bogs Topwater Rats

These are Bogbaits Topwater Rats,made from a silicone mold, we added our floating additive to our hard Plastisol to achieve just the right Buoyancy,Custom paint using the Vip Soft Plastic Lure Paint,mixed the paint light to achieve the effect with air brush,we added our Cool solid Black 3d eyes,then we hand dipped the entire rat in a clear hard plastisol to tuff it up,we like to add a 4/0-6/0 widegap hook!!!These are killer on and over any weedbed but are also great in open water when jerked,they actually dart side to side!!!

    paint n baits
    Sep 17 2015 04:45 PM
    Very very unique and awesome.

    love the dipping idea of dipping in clear plastisol. im assuming that also locks in the airbrush paint? I want to try these!!

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    The clear actually toughens the bait,it does lock the paint in but the paint doesn need that,its a special soft plastic paint,the clear slo locks in the 3d eyes,gives the lure more bulk and a shine also