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Timber lure with a total length inc bib of 220mm.....lure has internal rattle. ...this lure has been been primed undercoated base coated detailed with both hand painting & airbrush work then coated with 2 pac clear....so much of my carving detail was lost once I painted the reptile detail.....if you do look close you will see that he has fish gills raised lower eye lids & fish fins not only to look like fish fins but to have a bit of a reptile look to them as well.....the bib is alloy tow point made from stainless with stainless split ring......this lure looks so different in all his pics with the different lighting there is only the one of him made.....stainless magnum screw eyes for my hook hangers from lure parts online.....he is designed for chaseing murray cod. .....thanks 4 looking......


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