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4.5" bluegill swimbait

handmade bluegill swimbait out of poplar wood with acrylic paint and D2T epoxy top coat. all stainless hardware (hinges, rods, hook hangers and line tie) the carving took 11 hours, paint and epoxy took 4 hours and the fins are alumilite resin poured into a modeling clay mold i made to replicate real fins. 4.5" x 2.5" @ 37g (1.3oz). has the most beautiful swimming action. sits perfect in the water slow sinking with ROF = 2.

--Chad Green


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That's One Great Looking Bait , Greatttttt Jobbbbbbb.



thank you mike. been a member on here for a while, lurking and learning. thought i might post some of my work. appreciate the feedback

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