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Melōsh Juvenile Copperhead Snake

This is an 11" Juvenile Copperhead Snake Topwater bait. The bait is an original design, wood carved Tupelo, painted with Airbrush and Plenty of handprint. It has 5 hinged segments that are attached utilizing stainless steel hardware and pins. The snake features two double hooks on its back and are affixed using stainless eyes and Earth magnets.. So the hooks stay put during casting and retrieving. The back hook feature gives the angler the ability to retrieve over pads, logs, etc.. The snake is finished with a 2-part flat finish for added realism. The snake has been weighted and balanced to allow the head of the snake to breach the surface and it gradually gets deeper in the water towards the tail, like a natural snake in the water. The line tie is located beneath the head at the throat location. Thank you for looking and Fish On!


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