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Voodoo Child Spinner

homemade spinner using mixed materials:

blade made from stainless steel eating utensil/ spoon, Clevis made from drilled/ flat stainless stainless steel, bone bead drilled out & carved in Skull style, w bead chain inserted through eye sockets & wrapped in copper wire, chartreuse green maribou attached in same bead,

drilled red dice, with assorted beads, painted steel weight body,

and hand tied black buck tail on 1/0 treble hook.

This thing THROBS due to the deep cup shape of this tablespoon blade.

I catch pike on this in 15-25 feet of very weedy, tinted green water.

the skull bead w/chain spins as does the dice .

...I say a prayer and roll the dice every time I use this, I'm still trying to break 40" lol


© 2015

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