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alewife supra2015


Alewife Supra.

Carved from an oak coffee table leg. It has internal rattle, an electronic chip implant, split flow tunnel.

The split flow tunnel allows scent, water and air to exit the gill slits.

Mirage pearlescent, ultraviolet, reflective and glow in the dark paint.

Bleeding wide gap hooks on ball bearing swivels with soft plastic red eyes.


© R.V. Russ


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this is a really cool lure. i like the old plugs like these. what would you be fishing for, salmon? either way it is a really nice looking lure, good job man! 


(no_connectivity: the e-chips are kinda new technology commonly put on salmon or trout lures, at least in my area. i have never noticed a difference with them or without but anything that could help catch fish is always welcome!)

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(jonister)just ate king (for dinner) from lake Michigan caught on one of my hand made lures of this design. Will run this one asap!

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