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Battery Powered Vibrating Cicada

My Lure was made by hand carving a master lure body and head. The head acts as a watertight cap to the battery / motor compartment. The lure is 45 mm in length, made with a through wire to connect the fishing on one end and a treble hook on the other. It is capable to hold up to a #4 treble hook. It uses one AG3/LR41 size, replaceable battery. The Battery life, while seemingly short, at 15 minutes, is not a problem because the lure has been designed for rapid battery replacement. It takes less than 8 seconds to change the battery. Additionally, battery cost is very low (less than $0.05 each on eBay).

The best thing about the lure's vibrating sound is much like that of a bug and it really does work to attract fish. If I could show more pictures, I would show some of the really nice size bass I have caught with it, and other vibrating lures I have made.


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