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Painting a scale pattern on foil

Painting a scale pattern on foil

The bait is a topwater walker and there's nothing all that special about it. Just wanted to show the scale pattern on the foil. Any ideas as to how it was done?


    mark poulson
    Oct 07 2015 09:41 AM

    Avocado netting.

    It was netting Mark, but how was the paint applied? You can't spray foil through netting.

    Looks like it was stamped on the foil before you glued it to the bait

    Your close JR.

    Wrap the netting around a paint roller???

    Your in the ballpark JR. Here's a hint. The paint was applied after the lure was foiled. Applying the paint before applying the foil would result in the paint being rubbed off while burnishing the foil.

    Dip the netting in paint, stretch around a sponge and stamp the bait with it??

    Pretty close. The netting was stretched tight in an embroidery hoop and then paint was sprayed over the netting. After saturating the netting the bait was pressed into it.

    Hmmm... This could be quite useful to me... Since i dont own an airbrush, and spray paint through netting (or screen) doesn't turn out so well

    I've wanted to come up with an easy and cheap way to put scales on a foiled bait for a while now. It works great on foil and could be an alternative way to apply scale patterns on painted baits as well.


    Give it a try JR. I think you'll like it.